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I recieved this in email. I have been unale to verify the author or the source. Still it is powerful. I do believe that we have become overly sensitive to others classification of us and the opinions of who we are. First and foremost I am a child of God. Who I choose to love is secondary to that fact. Let us stay focused on Jesus and what it is that God is calling each and every one of us to do in and with this life!


"God hates fags!" This lovely utterance comes from the mouth of Donnie McClurkin. "Matthew Shepherd is in Hell" was another thought expressed by one of McClurkin's religious colleagues, a rather infamous preacher. Religious folks love to make homosexuals and homosexuality their cause celebre. But I must confess their invitation to continual sparring is terribly unappealing given their limited and sparse intellectual capacity. Inciting people based on emotional charges and incendiary speech is so sophomoric. Not interested.

I prefer instead to think on things, ponder and theorize. My latest effort has been on the nature of homosexuality. All this talk about homosexuality being a choice and a lifestyle is irritable to say the least. People need more knowledge and less superstition, more information and less stereotyping.

Human beings are complicated creatures, full of layers and textures, a work of art in nature by the hand of God. The Trinity is a reflection of God's image and we, it is reported are made in that image. Three distinct images existing in their own time and space, yet one. We reflect the same. Body, Mind and Spirit. Three distinct images existing in their own time and space, yet one.

When I get dressed in the morning, after showering and grooming my naked body, I put on my underclothes: my underwear and my tee-shirt and socks. Then I put on my shirt and trousers or a suit. Depending on the season I will top it all off with a jacket or a coat. Our existence is quite similar to this layering. We come out of God as Spirits, naked if you will. When we come into existence we then "clothe" ourselves with other layers of existence like Body and Mind. We are essentially three creatures in one, Body, Mind and Spirit. Ideally all three parts work in harmony or unison to produce our so-called activity in this world.

Of course in everyday life we do not refer to ourselves as a trinity. We appear to each other simply as individuals. And as individuals we again clothe ourselves with different traits, characteristics and identities. This conglomeration of traits, characteristics and identities we call personality. Personality is also composed of layers of sorts that cover up the Mind and the Spirit.

My homosexuality resides in my personality; it is a personality trait. My Soul is not gay. My homosexuality is one of the layers that covers my Soul, like clothing that covers a naked body. When I lay down this life, I will lay down my personality and traits along with it. My Soul will return to its nakedness. In the next life I will again take up a body with a personality and its accompanying traits.

The Soul is a thing of God, the primordial spark of pure Spirit. It cannot be touched by impurity. It absorbs only that which is eternal, that which is "good, true and beautiful." As the prophet, Isaiah says of the Way of Holiness, "no unclean thing" may enter. Men think their Souls experience happiness and sadness and the vagaries of human existence. This is not so. The Soul is steady, it is constant. Its vision and existence is grounded in eternity where it sees the past, the present, and the future as one moment. That which we perceive as wickedness and evil are the result of time and circumstance, isolated moments taken out of context. Had we the Soul's vision we would see that our existence is simply a journey toward completion or the unity of a purified or "redeemed" personality with the Soul.

We are so crippled by time and space. Only at the end of our lives do we understand our life. Only then at the end can we see the isolated incidences that, when grouped together, give us a picture of who we are: infants, children, young adults, middle-aged, elderly. With no access to the future we cannot know what we will be or what we will turn into so we are limited in how we can express ourselves. Only hindsight gives us wisdom.

When we see someone in a particular time and space we see but a fragment of who they are. Were we able to see their entire existence in a moment we would see what they were, are and will be. Just because I am not smart now does not mean at some point in the future I will not be smart. Just because I am poor now does not mean at some point I will not be wealthy. Just because I am heartless now does not mean I will not be kind at some point. We, each and every one of us, has played the part of fool or jester, of king or queen, prince or pauper, lover and spurned. These are clothes our Soul has worn over the course of our lives. If we all had this conscious knowledge we would judge each other less, we would understand caste and class more.

I do not believe in judgment. I believe in understanding. I do not believe in ignorance. I believe in knowledge. The Soul cannot learn anything. There is nothing for it to learn. It is pure existence. The personality on the other hand, does learn and experience and grasp and hold and gain and lose. Like the prodigal son it goes into the far country (the big city) and spends its inheritance, a parable for the individual who spends his life experiencing all of life's pleasure and decadence. Once the prodigal son spends everything, he comes back home, stronger and wiser as a personality and more intent towards knowledge of the Soul. Without his whoring himself and prostituting his talents in the big city he would have learned naught of the world and been less of a person.

We all go into the big city and get lost. We have to find our way back home to the knowledge of truth and understanding. That experience changes and transforms us and brings us closer to what we really are: Spirit clothed in flesh.

My homosexuality has given me some assets, which my Soul will absorb. My homosexuality has also given me some deficits, which will not be absorbed by my Soul. Such is life. No matter who we are or what we are we have gifts and deficits. Our Souls will take the good and leave the bad.

My homosexuality is just lense through which I am viewing this life, just like my race and my sex, nothing more, nothing less. This is understanding. The two statements that I opened with-they are ignorance.
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"To defend one's self against fear is simply to ensure that one will, one day, be conquered by it; fears must be faced."

-- James Arthur Baldwin


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