Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome Summer........

The cut says it all..............its summertime! Time to shave off most of the hair lose the beard and embrace my youthful tanned slightly slimmer self. I have come to the decision that the beard and baby afro always represent a darker side of life for me. Winter is a very different vibe. Being a December baby I find myself being very reflective around fall and the ensuing holidays. Sometimes that reflection takes me down a bit. Perhaps its dissappointment at not having achieved all of the things I think I should have. Or perhaps its the realization that some of those "what I want to be when I grow up" fantasies will never come true. And then it gets cold and snowy and slowly the bear in me comes out adn hibernation sets in.........along with some depression and hopelessness.................BUT ALAS, Spring blossoms and the sun tends to stay out longer and the depression meds start to really kick in and suddenly there is hope and before you realize it its summer...time for rollercoasters, swimming pools, family reunions, and outdoor concerts!! I praise God today for the changing seasons and His faithfullness to be there not only when the weather breaks but in the deep dark coldness of winter.......holding our hands........keeping us near and reminding us that yes indeed brighter days are they always do!


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