Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Spiritual lessons

Today I learned a valuable lesson. People dont like it when you mix there sex with religion. Imagine that!! Theres this yahoo group that is completely scandalous. I must admit I myself was a little put off by just the raw display of nakedness and debauchery. But after I joined.............I learned that there were more things going on in this group than just sex. These guys had a conscience and a heart. So, I am reading the daily posts and an associate of mine posts this article


Now if you can go read that..................

seems pretty harmless to me and wuite truthful. Why do people believe that they can leave an omniscient, omnipotent, and soveriegn God out of certain area's of their lives. If God is everywhere then wouldn't it make sense that he is involved in those nasty little escapades that we dont want to discuss. My viewpoint is I thank God for my ability to express myself sexually. What a wonderful gift. One not to be taken lightly


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