Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This week Minister Louis Farrakhan was quoted as saying that Mexican President Vicente Fox was correct in his allegation that Mexican immigrants take jobs "that not even blacks would want". Fox has been sharply criticized by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton for the racially insensitive comment and the Mexican President has since admitted that he regrets the comment. The problem I see here is one that continues to plague black America; we have a problem dicussing the family business.

There are things that we just dont want to discuss in public forums for fear of having those discussions used against us as some sort of political or moral leverage for "THE MAN".

Kanye West may have said it best in his song family business. "If you say you didnt do it then I believe it and if you did then thats family business"! Micheal Eric Dyson also talked about this issue when addressing Bill Cosbys comments regarding lower income blacks. We all know that there are some issues we need to discuss as the black family. The amount of emphasis and importance we place on education being a primary issue. However, the mistake that Bill Cosby made was that he said it in public where the largely caucasian dominated media could record and tape his words.

Same problem here: Vicente Fox said something that we all know is true, but he was politically incorrect for saying it publicly! My Uncle Harold was a janitor at Glendale Mall for 27 years. My Grandmother was a maid and cleaning woman for a wealthy doctor for 18 years. My grandfathers brother washed dishes at the Sweden House and the Hilton at the circle.

Something happened during the 60's and 70's. Our parents that had come from less educated, lower income parents were striving to be better than their predecessors. The industrial age was booming, especially here in the midwest. Largely we were able to move out of the kitchens and maids quarters and earn a better living wage. Some, but not all, of our parents realized that these blue collar and entry level white collar employers would pay college tuitions and allow us to save for our childrens educations. African American enrollment and graduation rates have doubled over the last 20 years for most American Universities. There simply has been more opportunity for the black man in the 80's and 90's than ever before in this country's history.

We have all heard the young drug dealer or gang member say that they wont work at McDonalds for $7.00 an hour when they can make 10 times that amount on the street. Visit your local McDonalds today. Who do you see working the fry station? Mexicans are indeed where black folks were some 40 years ago. Taking what work many of them can get and trying to get their piece of the American dream. The biggest difference is the way that Mexican immigrants have chosen to wield their economic power. It was no accident that Vicente Fox made those disparinging remarks. The Mexican community is very aware of the their position in what is arguably the strongest economic system in the world. Vicente Fox is leading his people to political strength and economic strength and unless the African American community can start to find ways to improve relations with the Mexican poulation we will be left behind.

Farrakhan told the truth. We dont like to discuss our family business. Farrakhan seems to be telling a lot these days. The 10th anniversarary of the Million Man March is being officially called the Millions More Movement with a mission to open the march to women and gays. Seems Farrakhan is preparing to tell some more of the family business.


Blogger taylorSiluw√© ..... said...

This is so very true. For once, I agree with the minister ....

Its almost sinful to see the ills of our people ... and yet bristle with indignation when someone has the nerve to point them out.

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