Friday, February 15, 2008

To Be Like God

One of my favorite scriptures: Luke 6:36

Title: To be like God

My grandmother used to tell me to be careful how I treated others, you never know whose arms you may fall into one day. I have tried to live by this little adage, but I must admit, it continues to be a challenge. When I initially started to meditate on this passage, my mind immediately went to co-workers who challenge my attempts to show mercy. Whether it’s the 7am bright eyed and bushy tailed lady who is ready to go first thing in the morning or the guy who has to ask a thousand more questions during an organizational meeting that has already passed the 3 hour mark, I am challenged in the work place to show mercy as God has shown to me. Recently I have experienced a slue of car maintenance issues. If you have ever had to deal with car dealership mechanics over expensive car repairs I am sure you will agree with me that it is difficult to show mercy when presented with a repair bill that rivals the national debt. I must admit my attitude was far from merciful and Christian as I reluctantly laid my credit card down on the service desk.

Everyday we have numerous opportunities to show mercy as God has shown us. Some situations are just challenging to our own will and uncomfortable. Others are challenging because the recipient may not, by our own determination, be deserving of our mercy. Someone who offends us, disrespects us or, say it isn’t so; trespasses against us, may deserve to feel a little bit of our anger or displeasure. It is during these times when we are called to model and reflect the love, grace, and mercy that God has shown each of us. In our reading today we learn that it is not of God to constantly focus on what others have done or are doing to us. It is much better to focus on what God has done for each and every one of us. When we forget the many mercies and blessings that we receive, brand new each day, it is reflected in how we treat others as well as how we respond to others.

Let us remember that we do not deserve God’s mercy. We have done nothing and never could do anything that would prove us worthy of the love of God. Except for the soul saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we would all be eternally separated from God and unable to receive forgiveness or grace. So, we thank God today for showing mercy towards us and our outward display of that gratitude will be the way we show mercy to the many others that we come in contact with everyday. In some very small way, we can be like God!


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