Thursday, August 19, 2004

Passion Marks

i just finished reading Passion Marks by Lee Hayes.

I must say this is an excellent read and I highly recommend it to all. Passion Marks tells the story of the toxic and very violent relationship between Kevin Davis and James Lancaster. Kevin is living in a perpetual state of depression over the unexpected death of his twin brother and the wealthy successful James comes to his rescue to love and protect him. However, James's undying committment comes with a stiff price tag. James is a beater and a control freak. Ofcourse when Kevin and James first meet, Kevin needs a control freak in his life to hold him together. When the abuse started Kevin feels somehow responsible and deserving and starts to become and accept his victim status. However, as Kevin begins to heal and face his past he starts to get his life back together and exert his independence. Thats when the fireworks really begin.

As I said this is an excellent read and the story is full of twists and unexpected surprises. I was reminded of the writings of E Lynn Harris, but with a much sharper edge. The characters are layered, colorful, and intense. The story is well developed and you will not be expecting the turns and discoveries as they unfold.

So often within the gay and lesbian community we like to talk about true love found and hot steamy encounters. These do make for enjoyable reading, but what about the harsh realities of the world. Spousal abuse does exist in our world but we dont talk about it. This book deals with one of our dirty little secrets. On the surface we understand that low self-esteem and self hate are the catalysts that bring about co-dependency and toxic relationships. However underneath the surface there is a lot of pain, anger, and frustration. Passion Marks eloquently captures the darker side of black gay life.

Without spoiling things, I assure you there is a happy ending.......of sorts. It may not be what you expect, but thats what makes this little gem of a book such a treasure.



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