Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forgiven and Healed


February 16, 2010 • Category: Gospel of Matthew
by Robert Ferguson
Today’s scripture: Matthew 4:23-25 (ESV-text and audio) (KJV) (The Message) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Robert Ferguson):

Many times I keep my cell phone set on vibrate. It’s useful at work and in class so that my ringing phone doesn’t disturb others. However, lately I have noticed that I will feel the vibration in my pocket either when my phone hasn’t vibrated or isn’t even in my pocket. I thought maybe I was just going crazy until I heard a guy mention it on a commercial. So I had to investigate. As it turns out, according to a report in USA Today, quite a few people have noticed the same thing. “Phantom vibrations,” some experts say, are an example of your mind playing tricks on you. That’s comforting.

That got me to thinking about phantom pain sensations, described as perceptions that an individual experiences from a limb or organ that is no longer physically part of the body. This phenomenon isn’t only associated with amputees but also with people who have lost a tooth or an eye. Not to be taken lightly, this problem is very real and painful to many people. But I find myself fascinated that even though a limb, body part, or organ has been removed from the body, the brain often reacts as if it is still there.

As I read today’s scripture, I can’t help but focus on the holistic aspect of the ministry of Jesus. Jesus had a three-fold ministry; preaching, teaching, and healing. Christ not only forgave sin but also healed every sickness or disease; none was too bad; none too hard.

As I reflected over my own struggles, sins, challenges, and huge mistakes it seemed that even though Christ has indeed forgiven my sins I still suffer from some of the symptoms of my ailment. I recently started seeing a therapist to talk through some tough situations in my life. As we have begun to peel back some layers and really address underlying issues, it has become clear to me that so much of how I react in certain situations is rooted in events that occurred in my life as a child. Even as I am writing this, I still make decisions based on learned methods of coping.

So even as Jesus has forgiven my sin and healed my soul there are still areas in my life where I continue to act as if I haven’t been healed at all. Have I forgotten that I have been forgiven and healed?

Thought for the day: Today Jesus teaches us that He is not only the forgiver of sins but also the healer of our souls. Let us walk in complete freedom, free of the pain of past sins. Jesus has saved you and healed you.

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Sometimes my co-workers kill me................

.................and other times I alomost get them

Singles awareness day!

Well I guess you could call it an epiphany but something became glaringly obvious to me on Valentines Day this year. I am obviously single. I know what you are thinking.....doe it really take genuis intelligence to figure that out or an unexpected movement from God? Well, no really but I have been fighting it with such energy and force that I nearly have driven myself completely crazy!

and before I go any further please let me apologize to those of you who do bother to follow this blog. I have not posted in ages and I apologize. Between almost daily facebook updates and multiple tweets per hour I sometimes find myself lacking any sufficient motivation to was poetically about whats bothering me today. But this season of times feels oddly familiar and just different enough for me to have some clarity.

Yes Valentines day sucked because along with all of my other single friends we have to constantly reminded on that single day that there is no one at home cooking a romantical valentines dinner or waiting to take you out for hot rolls and some clandestine 2 for 20 special. Sad as that may be..........

So what to do with that information? Well first lets face some facts....text message and email relationships Do NOT count as real relationships. Flirting on facebook and /or twitter doesnt count either. Online dating is for the birds and for every dude who claims that he wants more than the proverbial romp in the hay there are at least 100 who want exactly that and nothing more. The one who was honest is either totally not your type or is married. Secondly, I am hereby reserving the love word for the most ridiculously insanely cannot sleep without you next to me type of encounter or else I will hold it inside me forever.

Done with dating, flirting, hooking up, text relationshipping, and online meeting and greeting.............DONE I TELL YOU!!!

Tomorrow is Lent 46 days (40 not including Sundays) before Easter. ITs a wonderful time to prepare to start a new! Just between you and me I completely blew the whole New Years Resolution thing. So, God is faithful and knows his children, we have been given yet another opportunity to fix some stuff, clear the head, purge the old and let go of some useless GARBAGE.............

Somebody once said.....Let Go of anything that isnt useful, beautiful, or joyful..............ex relationships still smoldering just under the surface are holding me hostage...letting it go.......people who are still trying to figure out who they are serve no purpose in my life and so...........letting it go.....online connections and text flirting are all incredible wastes of time...........letting it go................anything that isnt making me a better person Has to Go!!

So as you wonder if this is the last communication you will ever recieve from me ask yourself this question......were you taking from or adding to.............