Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The irony of this journey

A very interesting series of events has taken place over the last few days. I contacted a radio talk show host from WTLC 106.7. Her radio handle is Terri Dee. I left her a voice mail suggesting a unique show idea. Homophobia in the black church......from a black gay mans perspective. This subject has never been discussed on the public airwaves hear in Indianapolis and I thought it would be a poignant topic. Terri called me on last Thursday evening (08/19/04) and left me a voice message saying that she would like to talk to me moe about my topic. I called her back. We spoke briefly and she said that she too was intrigued by the homophobic rhetoric that spews from black pulpits across this country. She scheduled me for September 26th. I was excited. She asked me to email her some details about my church and myself. I sent her an email on Friday morning. I was elated. Finally, someone in the black community will engage me in dialogue about sexuality and religion. Something other than a conversation about J.L. Kings book about the DL.

On Monday morning I arrived for work at 6am. I checked me email on my break and low and behold Terri had responded. "Where did you attend seminary?" she asked. "I have a problem," she went on to say, "with people who have personla revelations and try to pass them off as religion". "Quite honestly without, without the proper credentials, the callers will jump all over you and question whether you are a true messenger of God.

I wonder, was I too honest about my beliefs. Was I too raw. Did I give away too much of what I would be talking about befoer the show. I dont' know but Terri shut me down. Why hadn't she asked me about my educational background before she scheduled me? I told my Mom and my Pastor.......................................

Now today, the hosts of a local gay radio show asked me to be on their show September 9th. Great!!
Perhaps I jumped out too far. Could white gays be more supportive than black straight people?
Ironic dont you think.
Alls well that ends well.
I'll keep you posted


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