Thursday, September 16, 2004

Where is the love

Last night I was watching 60 minutes II. Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin was the subject of a report called "Holy Warrior". Lt Boykin is a general in the elite Army Ranger forces. He is also devout christian. The problem is that he has come under fire from Islamic and Muslim leaders. Accused of being anti-muslim, fanatical, and a zealot, Boykin is being called upon to defend his religion and his sanity. Delivering sermons all around the country Boykin is fond of saying things like, "his God is bigger than their god" when referring to Allah, and his faith has sustained him in battle. One of his story centers around chasing warlords across Somalia and comes across as belittling the muslim faith. Boykin is a devout christian raised in a conservative fundlementalist church and he was taught, as many of us have been, that their is only one true God and the only way to that God is through Jesus Christ! So of course when engaged in a battle with the enemy, he would naturally assume that his God was on his side and faced the same enemies as the general. So, Boykins gets asked to visit area churches and share his testimony. These area churches record his presentations and send them out all around the nation. People get upset and he ends up on 60 minutes.

Here's my concern. It is problematic when we as Christians put our agendas and ideals on the shoulders of of an ominpotent God I get scared.

It goes without saying that it is this same fundalmentalist religious doctrine that creates an atmosphere of homophobia and intolerance within the African American community. If the message of Jesus is love for all people then how can the modern church exclude who that love is for. Can a world of billions of people have different names for their one true Higher Power and if my Christ and your Prophet arent the same does that mean that I am right and you are damned to hell. Christianity has got to start practicing what it preaches. If my brother is in need, hungry and homeless, should I not care for him regardless of his personal beliefs. If man creates and studies war dont we understand that God is not to be seen as either on our side or the other side. God is and that is all!!

I applaud Boykin for his demonstration of faith. I believe that God is indeed watching over our troops. In also believe that he is watching over the children in Russia and the women and mothers of Iraq. I dont know what the infinite being, that is God, thinks about mans wars but I know that I serve a God of love and compassion and forgiveness. So whatever the outcome God be with us all !


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